4 Weekend Activities For A More Productive Week

We all have experienced the Monday blues, sometimes called Monday morning blues. The feeling of being unable to return to work the next day can ruin your Sunday night. You found it hard to enjoy the weekend because we are overwhelmed with work responsibilities for the following week, like a busy schedule, presentation preparation, deadlines, and meetings.

This year, more businesses try to implement four days working a week. Why? Because they see it as a way to boost employee productivity by giving a better work-life balance. It is proof that when you cannot create a balance, it will impact your work performance. Besides that, you will also experience burnout, feeling unmotivated all week, insomnia, and anxiety.

To overcome this problem, you must stop thinking about work and start doing what you enjoy on weekends. Thinking about the weekend is a time to unplug and recharge. Of course, it will be hard to do at first. But once it becomes a habit, you will see an improvement in your work productivity.

So, let’s start with something simple. Here are 4-weekend ideas to get you ready for the new week.

Reading a book
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Reading is an easy way to relax. Any book that tickles your interest can be entertaining. A book can help you improve your focus and memory while teaching you new skills to improve your relationships and career. It is also handy to bring anywhere you feel comfortable, whether you’re reading outside in the park or on your couch at home.


Workout has many benefits for improving brain and body function. It can increase your focus and lower the risk of getting a disease. It doesn’t have to be a gym exercise; any physical activity that gets your body moving is good. If you enjoy being in nature, you can go running, cycling, or surfing. If you feel like staying at home, you can do an online Yoga class or stream a 30-minute full-body workout. Set up a Lenso projector, project it onto the wall, and then move.

Have some fun with family or friends
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After a long week at work, the weekend is a great time to spend with your loved ones. Quality time with family or friends is essential to relax and refresh. Taking your children to the beach, going on a date in the park, or going out with your friends at the bar are all fun activities. You can also spend time together at home by having a movie night and ordering takeout. Prepare the most comfortable setup, cast the Lenso projector, pick a movie, and enjoy it with your kids or friends.

Get Creative

The weekend is a great time to do something you are passionate about. Involving your interests is a great way to de-stress and broaden your mind. Activities like playing music, painting, writing, gardening, or redecorating your room can give many benefits to your mental health and mind. It gives your brain a break for a while, allowing you to be more prepared for Monday and more productive during the rest of the week.

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