Truly clear

LENSO is devoted to providing innovative products which are handy and better. 

Oui Smart proudly presents LENSO as a truly clear mini projector. The spirit, as our very existence to improve the experience of nomad life, underlies our insight to design, manufacture and develop products of mini projector. Our mini projector is equipped with DLP (Digital Light Processing) that offers brilliant, colorful, clear images with good contrast. The final image is much sharper because of the limited space between the pixels. Furthermore, DLP technology offers a deeper black color compared to the other projector means it produces a smoother image with no shadows. 

The journey started many years ago in French. Oui Smart is a technology product company who designs, manufactures, and develops products to make our customer’s life easier. With the vision of being the best partner with our users and being the mindful company with our handy products in the heart and mind of our users. 

Oui Smart is committed to keep moving forward tirelessly with an unwavering focus on function and quality. We relentlessly build amazing products with affordable prices to let everyone enjoy an easier life through our innovative technology.

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