How to Connect a Phone to a Projector via USB

Connecting your phone to a projector so you can make use of its screen is a great way to show videos, pictures or anything else you want to share. You won’t need to find somewhere that’s big enough for you to project your phone. Instead, connecting your phone directly to the projector makes things much simpler. This article shows you how you can connect your phone to a projector with a USB cable for when the other options aren’t available. It might seem like there are lots of different connectors and ports on devices these days, but most have some version of the universal serial bus port built-in. All you need is the correct cable and an adapter if required, and you can get everything connected in no time at all!

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What You’ll Need to Connect Your Phone to a Projector

There are a few different ways you can connect your phone to a projector. All methods will require you to ensure the projector is compatible with your phone’s operating system. You can then choose the best method for you and your particular circumstances. 

Some of the most common ways to connect your phone to a projector include: 

  1. USB cable: Using a USB cable is one of the easiest ways to connect your phone. It can work in a wide variety of situations, and the majority of projectors have a USB port that you can plug your phone into. 
  2. HDMI cable: If you want to mirror what’s on your phone’s screen, you can use a normal HDMI cable. You can use this to connect to a projector or any other device with an HDMI port. 
  3. Wifi: If you want to stream content directly to the projector without connecting your phone, you can do so via wifi. This is a great way to play content from apps like Netflix or YouTube, and you don’t have to worry about cables.

Using a USB-C to HDMI Adapter

Many projectors now come with a USB-C port that you can use to connect to your phone. This port will not only allow you to connect your phone with a USB-C cable, but you can also use an HDMI cable to mirror the screen. This means you can simply plug a normal HDMI cable into the USB-C port and the projector will mirror the screen of your phone. It’s as simple as that, and it means you can project almost anything from your phone’s screen. 

A USB-C to HDMI adapter is a great option to have, but you may need to buy an additional adapter if the USB-C port isn’t compatible with a standard HDMI cable. Be sure to check the specifications of the projector and see if it supports USB-C ports, as some will only support HDMI.

Using a USB-C to VGA Adapter

If your projector doesn’t have a USB-C port, you may be able to use a USB-C to VGA adapter cable. This will allow you to connect your phone to the projector using a normal VGA cable. The VGA cable will then mirror your screen, so you can show just about any content you want. You can also use this method to connect your phone to a computer monitor, so you can quickly and easily share content between the two devices.

Using a USB-C to AUX Adapter

If your projector doesn’t have any kind of input, you can use a USB-C to AUX adapter. This will simply output the sound from your phone, so you can use it to play music or a presentation. You can’t use this method to display anything on the projector, but you can use it for other types of devices that don’t have an input. Aside from that, you can also connect your phone to a car stereo with a USB-C to AUX adapter, making it easy to play your music.

FAQs on how to connect phone to projector via usb
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FAQs on Connecting Phone to Projector Using USB

Is it possible to use the projector remote to control the content from my phone?

Using a wired connection, you won’t be able to control much other than what’s on your phone, so you’ll still be able to navigate apps, select programs, and play them as you normally would when watching a movie or show on your phone. The only things you may control using the projector remote will be picture and volume.

Pictures but no sound (or vice versa). What should I do?

Before troubleshooting, check to make sure the projector is on the correct input channel and that the lamp is powered on. If there is no picture, check to see whether your projector or phone is on mute and whether the volume is at its usual listening level. If there is no sound, make sure your projector is not on mute.

A mismatch between the device and the projector may be the culprit here. Your adapter may not be compatible with your phone. Check your adapter’s stats against your device’s and your projector’s to ensure they match, and buy a new adapter if necessary.

An old cable might be the culprit, particularly if you are repurposing one. It is not always the case that a connection that fits has the correct cable for your signal type. Buy a new cable that is suitable for your connection method and device and you should be fine.

Key Takeaways on How to Connect Phone to Projector Via Usb

Projectors are a great way to show large images and share content with a large number of people. You can use the above methods to connect your phone to a projector, making it easy to share anything from photos to presentations. 

On second thought – why bother with all the hassle when you can connect your phone to a projector with a USB-C port? Lenso SEE is equipped with USB-C connection, seamless touch control, as well as a 16GB built-in memory. 

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