Introducing Lenso’s 360 Degree Tripod

Humans have created new inventions that can help them with their everyday lives. To name a few, there’s a calculator to help a person count, there’s a clock that helps someone know the time, then there’s also projectors that can help people watch movies on a larger screen. That’s only three of the many technologies and inventions that humans use in their lives. 

These inventions and technologies were initially made to help humans. But, have you noticed that these technologies and inventions can also need help? Well, specifically, they often require extra accessories so that we can better use them. 

One accessory that’s rather intriguing is the 360 degree tripod. Sounds kind of cool, right? Ready to find out more about it? Keep on reading!

What is a tripod, anyway? 

A tripod is basically a three-legged stand that can be used to support a camera, or other devices. The main purpose of a tripod is to hold a device, most commonly a camera, completely steady. That means with zero movement and vibration. 

Tripods can come in many different sizes. There are mini tripods, as well as medium and large ones. When buying one, make sure the size and shape goes well with the device that you have. Most tripods have a central pole and adjustable legs. They are usually used in conjunction with a mount to which a head can be fixed. 

Introducing the 360 degree tripod

Now that you know what a tripod is, it’s time to introduce Lenso’s 360 degree tripod

Recently purchased a mini projector? Then, getting a mini tripod to up your game is the next step. As mentioned previously, tripods are super useful in preventing the projector from moving. It keeps the projector stable as you watch your movie. Thus, making the movie watching experience even better!

To allow a smoother use of the mini  projectors, Lenso has released a 360 degree tripod. It’s a mini tripod that functions as a mini projector mount. The tripod has a 360 degree rotatable head, making it super easy for you to turn it whichever way you want! Place your projectors with adjustable heights and rotatable heads to ensure the best watching experience. 

Not convinced? Well, here’s the biggest advantage of using a tripod with your projector. 

Using a tripod offers stability. The fact that a tripod has three legs rather than two makes it much more stable. Imagine, watching a movie or a video then suddenly your projector falls or shakes because of the uneven surface it’s placed on. Not fun at all. So, be safe and use a tripod. 

Happy watching! 

There you have it. Now you know what a tripod is and what makes it the super perfect accessory for your projector. Is it really worth it? Well, it honestly depends. Are you the kind of person who values a good movie? If you are, then it’s definitely a purchase you should make! 

It’s not a bad thing that a certain technology requires an extra tool or accessory. The fact that these tools exist show us that humans haven’t stopped being creative, and they certainly haven’t stopped trying to make life so much easier for the rest of us. So, make the best use of them!

Looking for a mini projector? Check out Lenso Shop. Lenso is devoted to providing innovative products that are handy. Make your dream to have a home cinema come true with Lenso’s smart mini projectors. 

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