Portable Camping Projector: Tips to choose the best one!

Portable camping projector
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Been looking for a new way to enjoy your camping and make it way more fun? Spending your camping time by chatting while making a bonfire and roasting marshmallows can be a bit boring. Thus, to make it more fun, impressive, and memorable, watching movies is the answer. Can you imagine watching your favorite movies under thousand stars at night with your friends or family? The dark sky, fresh air, and calm nature make it an expensive experience. But don’t worry to be troublesome. You can make it simpler and easier by bringing a portable camping projector. 

A mini smart camping projector is designed for outdoor activities. It provides you with many kinds of entertainment. A portable projector doesn’t take up much space as it is compact, light, having rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth, a speaker, and Netflix app. Choosing the right portable projector for camping or other activities will give you more benefits. Here are some tips to choose the best portable camping projector. 

1. Make sure it hassle-free

When you go somewhere and do outdoor activities, indeed, you need to bring some things that are important to you. Thus, make sure it’s all hassle-free and saves space, as well as the projector you bring. Make sure that the camping projector is small, light, and has good quality. Portability and hassle-free are the main reason why you need to have a mini projector

2. The Camping projector Should Uses DLP Technology

The next thing you need to consider while buying a portable projector for camping or traveling is it must have a good image quality. One of the indicators to determine a mini projector with good image quality is it uses DLP technology. DLP is a technology with the best image quality and performance. Therefore, it used to be used by commercial cinemas. Now, enjoy watching movies on Netflix, YouTube, or your smartphone with good image quality. 

Other than that, a portable camping projector with DLP technology also has high brightness, better contrast, and great entertainment experiences. Some great mini projectors that use DLP technology are Lenso Sil, Lenso See, Lenso Space, and Lenso Cube

3. It Has a Long-lasting Battery Life

When you buy a mini projector for your camping activity, choose the one that has a long-lasting battery life so you can enjoy movies, videos, or music out there. You don’t want those movies to stop suddenly due to the low battery, do you?

4. Make Sure the Camping Projector Has a Great Resolution

Another thing that you have to pay attention to while buying a portable projector is it should have a great resolution. Lest you have a bad experience by using a portable camping projector with low resolution. Watch seamlessly by using a mini projector with HD 720 to 1080 pixels. 

5. Has a Connectivity and Speaker

Make your life easier by choosing a mini projector with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Hence, you can connect it to the internet and your devices. Besides, that makes sure that that projector has a speaker. 

When you get a mini projector with those specifications, there you name it a smart projector. If you are not sure where to buy a mini projector with those specifications, Lenso is where you need to go. Check Lenso’s mini projector collections and grab yours.  

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