4 Fun Kid Activities to Do at Home with a Portable Projector

Since the outbreak two years ago, an increasing number of people have invested in purchasing a portable projector. The reason is that it is lightweight and portable, allowing it to be placed anywhere. It is used for an indoor/outdoor home cinema setup, a home office, or entertaining kids at home.

A portable projector is quite handy to have around the house. It could be a creative solution to children’s film and home learning experiences. A large screen entertainment, easy to use, long battery life, Bluetooth connectivity to any device, Netflix support, and clear image are what you are looking for. The features can support your kid to enjoy learning, playing and other activities at home.

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Do you have a portable projector at home? Then here are some activities that you should do or introduce to your kids.

Movie Time with a Portable Projector

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If you work from home and need to leave your children for a few hours to catch on to deadlines, you can get them together for movie time. The Lenso portable projector will quickly transform any room or even your backyard into a home movie setup. Get creative and allow your children to assist you in creating a comfortable setting for movie time. Prepare a large bucket of popcorn, turn on the Lenso projector, choose a film, and let them sit back and enjoy.

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Baking Lesson

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Baking with children can be lots of fun. It creates an experience and priceless memories that you build together in the kitchen. And baking is also a wonderful way to teach your kids how their favorite cakes are made. Start planning about what you and your children are going to bake. Have a group discussion together and involve them in the decision-making process. Then find a recipe from a cooking blog or vlog, and project it on your kitchen wall.

Art Project

three children drawing an art

Painting and drawing can help promote creativity. It is a powerful way of expressing children’s imaginations. It’s a lot of fun for kids since it involves experimenting with different colors. Before they start, it’s best to first teach them the basics. There are many videos available online that will show your kids the basics of art skills. After watching the video, you can let them begin working on their art task. Get any pictures, project them onto a whiteboard or white sheet, and let your children color in any shades they like. You can also project any picture and ask them to draw their version in their drawing book.

Use a Portable Projector for a Bedtime Routine

two children watching movies using portable mini projector

Bring bedtime stories to life by projecting nice visuals. Any child cannot resist the joy of seeing their imagination through their wall. You can pick a good animation with a great soundtrack and project it to the ceiling to help your children picture the bedtime story more realistically. You can also be creative by combining a few cartoon images or doing the old-fashioned hand shadows and making up new stories together. Before buying some portable projector, you can check our blog on 6 Things To Know Before Buying a Portable Projector!

That is some of activities to help your kid to enjoy learning, playing and other activities at home. Thankyou for reading and have fun with your kids!

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